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Thomas Jefferson Cookbook

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Thomas Jefferson Cookbook

“Amazing Details of Jefferson’s Dining Habits”

by Guy Coalter, Special Features Writer

Thomas Jefferson Canton OH, (Special) Jefferson set sail for France in 1784 as Minister to the Court of Louis XVI.

The cuisine of France, which he was to discover, was a joy and a revelation to him.

During the four years he lived in Paris… Jefferson devoted himself to the intricacies of French cooking. The most precious recipes of his French kitchen were carefully copied in his own hand and brought back to the United States.

When Jefferson returned to America, he came not only as a distinguished statesman, but as one of the greatest epicures and connoisseurs in the art of fine dining of his day.

The choicest delicacies of two continents now made their appearance on his table… the finest wines were imported from France, Spain, and Italy… all personally supervised by Jefferson.

The recipes for these delicious ices, tender cakes, superlative ragouts and marvelous coffees were preserved in Jefferson’s personal cookbook.

Jefferson’s little granddaughter, Virginia Randolph, carefully copied the recipes he brought back from France and select recipes given to Jefferson by his friends. It is also clear that the enslaved people who worked at Monticello and the White House were also responsible for the creation, planning and preparation of this fascinating collection of recipes and meals.

The one-of-a-kind cookbook was handed down for generations from mother to daughter as a priceless possession.

In the late 1930s, Fanny M. Burke… great-great granddaughter of Jefferson… presented the book to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation shortly before her death. Ms. Burke joined with the Foundation in giving noted historian, Marie Kimball permission to prepare it for publication.

Mrs. Kimball fully adapted Thomas Jefferson’s Cook Book to practical, modern use.

All the recipes were proportioned to our current practice of a formula for serving six people.

Each recipe has been tested. It is not only correct, but tastes great!

Thomas Jefferson’s Cook Book by Marie Kimball was published in 1938. It has now, of course, long been out-of-print.

An Ohio publisher, however, has recently made special arrangements to reprint a limited edition of Thomas Jefferson’s Cook Book.

Parisian recipes are given for Ice Cream, Blanc Mange, Wine Jelly, Macaroons, Meringues, Noodles a la Macaroni, Brandied Peaches and more.

From his recipes used in Paris, Monticello and in the White House are complete treatises on many delicious soups… both French and American. You’ll love Jefferson’s personal comments about his soup recipes.

Jefferson’s coverage of meats and fowl is quite extensive. Many great recipes are included for chicken, veal, mutton, beef, ham, turkey, goose, venison and more.

Jefferson’s recipes for fish and seafood also abound… as does his treatment for scads of delicious vegetable recipes.

Better yet, the list of desserts and creams will make you hungry when you really aren’t! Under “Creams” are recipes for dishes as tasty today as when they were written over 200 years ago!

If you contact the publisher right now, you can get your own personal copy of this delightful historic cookbook. It is a beautiful full-size perfect bound book you will be proud to display on your coffee table, bookshelf, or where ever you keep your very best books.

Want to really be a hit with your family and friends? Simply invite them over for “dinner with Jefferson” and serve all your dishes from Thomas Jefferson’s Cook Book!

Your friends and neighbors are guaranteed to be absolutely envious… and you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with your cookbook. You may examine and use it for a full three months and return it for a full no-questions-asked refund if you desire.

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