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The Vinegar Home Guide

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The Vinegar Home Guide

Vinegar Can Be Used For WHAT?

If you’re like me, you will be amazed at the multitude of uses for vinegar.

The book “The Vinegar Home Guide” by natural remedies author Emily Thacker, shows you hundreds of ways to use vinegar for fighting germs, cutting grease, removing stains, and cleaning tips for a natural sparkle! She gives you recipes to make your own flavored vinegar that will perk up the taste of your food!

Chase Germs Away

  • Use as a disinfectant. Some hospitals do!
  • Prevent mold and fungus growth

Laundry Relief

  • Brightens colors! Whitens whites!
  • Fades perspiration stains!
  • Dissolves chewing gum
  • Removes ink stains

Your House Will Be Ready For The “White-Glove Test!”

  • Remove carpet stains
  • Absorb odors
  • Shine car chrome
  • Repair wood scratches & makes an excellent furniture polish
  • Clean brass, copper & pewter
  • Countertops, floors, windows & fixtures will shine!

Cooking With Vinegar

  • Tenderizes meat
  • Adds robust flavor without salt
  • Tips for pickling, marinating, preserving, cooking and MORE!

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