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The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide

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The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide

An Ounce of Hydrogen Peroxide is Worth a Pound of Cure

(SPECIAL) Hydrogen peroxide is trusted by many hospital and emergency rooms in the country for its remarkable ability to kill deadly germs like E. coli. In fact, it has attracted so much interest from doctors that over 6000 articles about it have appeared in scientific publications around the world.

Research has discovered that hydrogen peroxide enables your immune system to function properly and fight infection and disease.

Smart consumers nationwide are also discovering there are hundreds of health cures and home remedy uses for hydrogen peroxide. A new book called The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide is now available that tells you exactly how to use hydrogen peroxide by itself… and mixed with simple everyday kitchen items… to make liniments, rubs, lotions, soaks and tonics that treat a wide variety of ailments.

It contains tested and proven health cures that do everything from relieving chronic pain to making age spots go away. You’ll be amazed to see how a little hydrogen peroxide mixed with a pinch of this or that from your cupboard can:

  • Help relieve the pain of arthritis
  • Treat athlete’s foot
  • Help clear up sinus problems
  • Soothe sore throats
  • Fight colds and flu
  • Help heal boils and skin infections
  • Whiten teeth without spending a fortune
  • Destroy harmful dental bacteria and heal gingivitis
  • Help heal cold sores and canker sores
  • Clear up foot and nail fungus
  • Relieve the sting and pain of insect bites
  • Soothe sore feet
  • Relieve ear aches
  • Soothe muscle aches
  • Enable minor wounds, cuts and scrapes to heal faster
  • Refresh and tone your skin
  • Help clear up acne, rashes and age spots
  • Help heal yeast infections
  • And much more

Besides killing E. coli, hydrogen peroxide also destroys botulism, salmonella and other harmful organisms. It works by making viruses and bacteria self-destruct on the cellular level. Amazingly, for something so powerful, hydrogen peroxide is safe. That’s because after it makes germs self-destruct, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into harmless water.

The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide book is a valuable health improvement treasure that also shows you how to make tons of household cleaners that work better and more economically than expensive store-bought products. It’s a safe powerful alternative to harsh chemical cleaners. Discover easy-to-make formulas that:

  • Kill germs on kitchen counters and surfaces
  • Sterilize dishes, cups and kitchen utensils
  • Make a powerful scouring powder that works wonders on kitchen sinks, refrigerators and ovens
  • Disinfect and deodorize coffee makers, tea pots, blenders and food processors
  • Sanitize wood cutting boards and wooden spoons
  • Clean out and disinfect clogged drains
  • Make hardwood floors, tile floors, grout and linoleum gleam
  • Get rid of harmful bacteria on fruits, vegetables and meats with this safe and effective food rinse
  • Eliminate nastiness from toilet bowls, bath tubs, showers and shower curtains
  • Sterilize and purify toothbrushes and dentures
  • Clean and disinfect pet stains
  • Remove mold and mildew from basement walls, roofs and other surfaces
  • Disinfect diapers, pacifiers and baby toys
  • Remove wine, chocolate, ink and blood stains from clothing, carpets and furniture
  • Boost laundry detergent power and restore brightness and color to fabrics
  • Streak-free-clean your windows and mirrors
  • Clean and deodorize your car
  • Eliminate skunk stench on pets and foul odors from litter boxes, old tennis shoes, etc.
  • Rid pets of parasites and bacteria
  • Make indoor and outdoor plants flourish with a surefire fertilizer and insecticide all rolled-into-one
  • Keep hands germ-free without expensive hand sanitizers
  • And much more

The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide contains many more amazing health remedies, cleaning formulas and gardening mixtures. In addition, it also gives you a list of qualified physicians who use hydrogen peroxide in their practices to treat serious ailments. Also included FREE with each book are useful tips and home remedy formulas using vinegar, garlic baking soda and teas.

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