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Emergency Disaster Preparedness

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Emergency Disaster Preparedness

307 Ways to Naturally Treat & Prevent Infectious Diseases Safely!

New York (Special) Did you know more than a million people in the US have been sickened by Swine Flu? And it’s not even flu season yet…

Recently The World Health Organization stated that the Swine Flu was a worldwide pandemic. There are entire countries quarantined. This includes cruise ships. Airplanes. Neighborhoods. Can you imagine this?

Think back to August 2005 and Hurricane Katrina. More than 80% of New Orleans was flooded, and those flood waters didn’t recede for weeks. Bacteria, toxic chemicals, bacteria and even raw sewage invaded homes and drinking water.

What would you have done if you and your family had been trapped in one of these homes? Would you have known how to protect yourself and your family from illness?

Over the years, it was home remedies that fought the war against illness. If we can’t get to the pharmacy —- or the shelves are empty, what then?

Here’s the good news…There are many simple, everyday substances you already have in your home and garden that can help protect you and your family in an emergency.

And they can be yours – just when you need them the most!

Now after years of continued research, best-selling author, Emily Thacker, brings you perhaps the most important book of our time.Emergency Disaster Preparedness needs to be in every home in America.

It includes a guide for natural solutions to help treat and prevent illness safely. There’s even a listing of specific items to keep in storage in your home including when and how to use them.

What are infectious diseases? They used to be things like the bubonic plague or typhoid. But now they include things like Swine flu. West Nile virus. Meningitis. Staph, strep and other hospital infections. The list goes on and on.

During the pandemic plague that ended in 1350 as many as 30 million Europeans died.

Between 1918 and 1920 a worldwide influenza epidemic killed almost 22 million people.

Since 2000 more than 36 million people were infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus associated with AIDS.

But can natural cures really work? Because of increased drug-resistant strains, side-effects of antibiotics and the possible scarcity of drugs during an epidemic, it is important to know about the practical value of natural prevention and cures for illness and disease.

Especially in this day and age where worldwide travel contributes to the rapid spread of these diseases, advance preparation is a must.

Did you know that the germ-killing action of garlic is effective against even the drug resistant germs?

Common household vinegar can kill viruses?

Honey is used in hospital around the country right now to heal stubborn wounds?

There are many other common everyday items that you can grow that could very well make the difference between life and death for you or someone you love in the event of a statewide emergency or quarantine or the unthinkable, such as drug stores running out of the miracle drugs we have come to depend on.

Some of the items that could offer you life-saving protection in an emergency include:

  • Aloe
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Echinacea
  • Oregano
  • Yarrow
  • Sweet marjoram
  • And more!

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • Can I catch a disease from touching a dollar bill?
  • Do I need to disinfect fresh fruit and vegetables?
  • How do I make teas, tinctures, creams or salves for healing remedies?
  • Is my meat tainted?
  • What if the electricity goes out —- and stays out?
  • Herbal answers that can keep you alive in a crisis
  • What is next?

There’s even a handy cross-reference chart for plants so you know what conditions they can treat as well as helpful remedies.

If large groups of the population become sick at the same time, the medical services in this country will become stressed to capacity. What then? We will all need to know what to do!

At this point, our reaction shouldn’t be panic. Our reaction should be total preparation.

Preparation is key.

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