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Castor Oil - A Miracle Cure?

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Castor Oil - A Miracle Cure?

(SPECIAL) – Did you know that the castor oil plant is one of the world’s most valuable plants? Since early ages, it has been used as a medical treatment to help back pain, headaches, arthritis and a whole slew of skin conditions.

In it you’ll find remedies and tips for everything from sciatica to dry skin. However, there are some precautions that you need to know about. The most known castor plant woe is that the poison ricin comes from the castor bean seed hull. But there are other treatment precautions and toxic interactions that you need to know as well.

What else can I do with castor oil? A lot! You’ll be surprised and delighted at the collection of homemade soap recipes, candle making tips and instructions for body oils, hair conditioners, bath oils, colognes and skin treatments.

Remedies, tips and recipes using castor oil to help:

  • relieve sciatica
  • ease joint pain
  • treat blemishes
  • reduce the pain of arthritis
  • treat gastritis
  • heal infants cradle cap
  • relieve gout pain
  • provide headache relief
  • get rid of cysts
  • remove age spots
  • repel insects
  • treat nervousness
  • remove warts
  • banish corns
  • stimulate circulation
  • heal scar tissue
  • lessen symptoms of multiple sclerosis
  • improve dry skin
  • fight insomnia
  • soften skin
  • treat abscesses
  • help fevers
  • reduce congestion
  • lessen coughs
  • promote relaxation
  • soften hair
  • much, much more!

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