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Amish Gardening Secrets

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Amish Gardening Secrets

(Special) Research studies have proven that gardeners cope better with stress and tension - a key factor in achieving and maintaining good health.

And now the special gardening secrets that the Amish use to produce huge tomato plants and bountiful harvests can be yours in Amish Gardening Secrets.

This BIG collection contains over 800 gardening hints, suggestions, time savers and tonics that have been passed down over the years in Amish communities and elsewhere.

The silhouette of a horse and buggy is the image usually seen on billboards, signs and tourist ads in Amish country. It is an important outer symbol reflecting the distinctive lifestyle and religious values of the Amish.

The Amish are intriguing to the modern world not only because of the horse and buggies, but also because of the quaint clothes they wear, the remarkable handmade quilts and hearty food that they’re known for and the simple way they live their lives.

One in three Amish men make their living from agriculture. Gardening is the responsibility of women and small children while men and boys do the field work. During planting and harvesting, the whole family works together.

There’s something for everyone in Amish Gardening Secrets. From the master gardener to the hardly-even-a-green-thumber, this 800 plus collection can be yours for you to tinker with and enjoy.

You’ll learn how to use:

  • Walnuts to banish the smell of cooking cabbage
  • Grapefruits to keep apples fresh
  • Spaghetti to liven up your plants
  • Bananas to make your roses blossom
  • Oranges to get rid of ants
  • Pantyhose to help your cantaloupe grow

As well as how to:

  • Make a homemade fertilizer to give your plants a boost
  • Improve your compost pile
  • Control weeds - with no effort
  • Get rid of bugs safely & naturally
  • Tips for your butterfly garden
  • Top eighteen Amish gardening methods
  • Grow the biggest & tastiest tomatoes
  • Suggestions for a beautiful herb garden
  • Ways your garden can make you beautiful - remedies for acne, age spots, dandruff, wrinkles & more
  • Garden remedies for your home by decorating, deodorizing, & beautifying
  • First aid from your garden - how your plants can make you healthy

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