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Vinegar Diet Book

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Vinegar Diet Book

A natural weight loss plan

There is a way for you to eat all you need to feel full and still create that slimmer body you have always wanted. World renown best selling author Emily Thacker show you how with her latest book, “Emily’s Vinegar Diet Book”.

V.S. of Meridian, Mississippi writes us, “I went down to 183 from 280. I wouldn’t trade what I did for all the money in this entire country…..I just wanted you to know what apple cider vinegar did for me”.


  • Because it works!
  • Because the body transforms it into a powerful fat & carbohydrate burner!
  • Because it plays a critical role in how fat is stored!

THE VINEGAR DIET is actually a system of eating. Whether you want to eat a big meal, a snack, or just go back for seconds, the system tells you exactly what to do. Like, never skip meals. (Skipping may ‘feel’ like the right thing to do, but it is actually a big step backwards.) This system is the key to melting fat and inches from your body.

THE SECRET To The Vinegar Diet is proportion. Conventional diets lose all sense of balance. Emily Thacker has discovered University research proves: restrict calories and the body immediately thinks ‘deadly famine’. To protect itself from dying in this imagined famine, metabolic rate slows, food is now stored as fat instead of being used for energy, and it becomes nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off. Worst of all, the body repeatedly sends urgent signals of hunger to its appetite control center, creating a chronic state of misery and hunger. What’s more, half the weight lost comes from your muscle or bone - only half comes from fat.

Emily’s Vinegar Diet Book will amaze you.

  • Use vinegar to shed pounds & inches
  • Flush out fat and cholesterol
  • Lose weight without counting calories, without going hungry, and without expensive supplements, special foods
  • Use the blueprint of proportion to look better & feel better
  • Recipes for Success & Sample Meals included

The Vinegar Diet is completely natural and safe. Just follow the simple and easy eating plan at every meal and every time you eat a snack. It can transform you into that thinner, younger-looking and more vigorous you that you’ve been dreaming of.


“My nephew told me that his cholesterol was 282… I told him to take one ounce vinegar and one teaspoon honey and six ounces of water, twice a day. In two months his doctor checked his cholesterol, it was 201. I ordered the vinegar book for (him).”

J.S., Cleveland, Ohio

“I went on… apple cider vinegar and honey in water 3 times a day. I dropped 30 pounds so fast it scared me!”

J.G., Sibley, Illinois

“Enjoyed your book very much. I read the whole thing in one afternoon”

G.S., Jamestown, New York

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