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The Honey Book

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The Honey Book

Amazing Honey Remedies to Relieve Arthritis Pain, Kill Germs, Heal Infection and Much More!

Honey is nature’s original sweetener!

Some call honey the perfect food because of its history as a healing balm for sickness and injuries. Others say honey has long been used to increase the healing ability of other foods. But the age-old combination of honey and apple cider vinegar is believed to be a nearly magical potion for good health.

Emily Thacker, author of the best selling “The Vinegar Book”, has once more penned a winner! “The Honey Book” is the latest in her line of natural health books. You’ll find page after page of healing home remedies that use honey to heal wounds, fight tooth decay, treat burns, fight fatigue, restore energy, ease coughs, and even make cancer-fighting drugs more effective!

What Is Honey?

Honey is a symbol of everlasting bliss. It is an assortment of dissolved sugars, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, enzymes and amino acids. It is sweet flower nectar with some of its water evaporated out. Then, as if by magic, honey bees change it into thick golden liquid.

Honey is sweet, fast energy. It contains sugars that can enter the bloodstream in as little as 10 minutes. Many believe it is less likely than refined cane sugar to cause a repeat craving for sugar. Early tests confirm this belief.

Some medical authorities recommend honey as a food for heart patients and for those who have had strokes and major surgeries.

  • Pain Relief
  • relieve arthritis and rheumatism pain
  • ease gout
  • quiet coughs
  • heal burns
  • soothe sore throats
  • fight cold sores
  • case leg cramps
  • treat urinary tract infections
  • heal cuts faster
  • reduce fever

Nature’s Aid To A Healthier Body

  • help prevent dehydration
  • restore energy
  • aid digestion
  • prevent infection
  • fight tooth decay
  • help kill fungus
  • beautify complexion
  • prevent wrinkles & age lines
  • control appetite to lose weight

Did You Know …

  • Honey can be used to keep a child from wetting the bed?
  • Old honey is the best kind to use for healing tonics?
  • Honey should NEVER be given to a child under 1 year old?
  • The Romans used honey as a sleeping potion?
  • At least 28 minerals have been isolated in honey?
  • Greek athletes used honey after competing in the Olympic games to banish fatigue?
  • The darker the honey, the more minerals it contains?
  • Honey was used in place of gold or silver as money?
  • The ancient “Book of Medicines” used honey in over 300 prescriptions?
  • Honey will keep the water in a car radiator from freezing?

Research Shows …

  • Tests have shown that some cancer incisions heal better if given a coating of honey.
  • Researchers at the American Health Foundation found that a substance found in honeybee hives hinders the growth of precancerous cells in the colon
  • Honey is effective against many bacteria including E coli, strep, staph and salmonella.
  • When honey is eaten, the acid it produces is one of the things that helps kidneys remove poisons from the body.
  • The American Journal of Surgery reports that wounds treated with honey healed faster.

Honey and Vinegar

Science has proven that foods such as honey and apple cider vinegar provide healthy living nutrients. Taken separately or together, these two foods can help boost your immune system.

If you remember Grandma’s home remedies, you know that honey and vinegar were an important part of staying well. The combination of the two of them are traditional home remedies for those with asthma, tuberculosis, whooping cough and bronchitis.

Honey And …

Here’s just a sampling of the information you’ll find in “The Honey Book” …

  • Mix honey with any of these five foods for an effective cough syrup …
  • What to do to avoid bee stings …
  • Combine this kitchen staple with honey to help sore throats …
  • Honey and burns …
  • Beeswax and diaper rash? …
  • A honey mixture will speed healing of respiratory infections …
  • Combine “this” with honey to relieve a dry mouth …
  • Old-time honey remedies …
  • Cut calories in cooking …
  • This mixture will keep skin looking young …
  • Honey’s use in hospitals …

You’ll find these plus many more uses for honey within the pages of “The Honey Book” Order your copy TODAY.

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