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Garlic Nature's Natural Companion

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Garlic Nature's Natural Companion

Garlic: Nature’s Natural Companion to Vinegar

Garlic’s ability to promote good health is documented in more than 1000 medical and scientific studies. Science and the medical communities are beginning to realize garlic is strong medicine. Here are just a few of these studies:

  • Garlic is listed as number one on the National Cancer Institute’s list of foods which are potential cancer preventives. Herbert Pierson, director of the Institute’s study, says garlic has the most potential of all foods as a cancer fighting substance. Because of this the National Cancer Institute is sponsoring a five year, multi-million dollar, study.
  • Tulane University reported a study where total cholesterol levels were lowered six percent by those regularly using garlic!
  • Researchers at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, England certified that garlic contains compounds that can lower blood pressure. One study reported forty percent of patients with high blood pressure showed a drop of about twenty points in a single week of treatment with garlic!
  • The American Journal of Medicine published results that garlic was able to significantly lower the level of LDL’s - the “bad” cholesterol - in the blood. Researchers at the University of Kansas tests found LDL was lowered by a third in only two weeks of treating it with garlic.
  • The four leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease and liver disease. THERE IS SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT GARLIC CAN HELP PREVENT ALL FOUR OF THEM!

“GARLIC: Nature’s Natural Companion” by Emily Thacker explores many more of these modern day studies. There are medical facts about garlic’s healing abilities as well as the latest in scientific research.

Research Shows …

  • Garlic gives a natural boost to the immune system.
  • Doses of garlic appear to have a marked effect on blood pressure.
  • Laboratory research reports garlic can help prevent blood clots and dilate blood vessels which could help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Garlic protects against various kinds of radiation and environmental pollution - key causes of cancer.
  • Garlic is toxic to some tumor cells and can even inhibit their growth while not affecting healthy cells.
  • Viruses are repelled by the smell of garlic. It may work in the same way that garlic attacks insect pests.
  • Several types of skin cancer cells seem to react to chemicals in garlic. Mole sandwarts have been removed by garlic applications.
  • More than 50 types of fungus and yeast are inhibited by garlic.
  • Garlic can kill 23 different kinds of bacteria - including salmonella.
  • Evidence is mounting that garlic can energize the body’s natural defense mechanism.

A Natural Antibiotic!

Garlic has been used as a possible alternative for aspirin. This is because of garlic’s ability to relax blood vessel walls. Another reason may be its ability to mimic aspirin’s action of interfering with the way blood clots form - which is why aspirin is well-known for its ability to offer some people a measure of protection from heart attacks.

Stressed out? Garlic may also be a natural reliever for stress. It is proved to have about 65% of the effectiveness of Valium in decreasing stress levels. And you’ll have no side effects of drowsiness or fatigue to go along with it!

Are you worried about garlic breath? “GARLIC: Nature’s Natural Companion” includes dozens of remedies that will tame it’s distinctive aroma. Many remedies suggest chewing on something to absorb the odor, others say rinsing the mouth does the trick. Either way, there are many to choose from!

Combining garlic with other fresh foods to make a fortified vinegar is a great way to get tasty nutrients into your body. Health benefits include reduced infection, cancer protection and some of these foods can help slow degeneration of brain cells. In China, they are used to improve senile dementia. See Garlic: Nature’s Natural Companion for complete details on fortified vinegars.

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