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Cayenne Cures

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Cayenne Cures

Hundreds of scientific studies have verified the health benefits of cayenne pepper, a spice that has been prized for centuries. Used properly, it can cleanse clogged arteries, reduce chest pain and lower cholesterol. The trouble is, most doctors are too busy to be aware of cayenne pepper’s healing abilities… and if they don’t know about it… neither will the average person.

There’s a new book available called “Cayenne Cures.” It tells you everything you need to know about how cayenne pepper can cleanse clogged arteries. You also discover how it can help: allergies, constipation, headaches, high blood pressure, irregular heart beats, nausea, skin problems, sore muscles, mouth sores, motion sickness, psoriasis, shingles, urinary pain, weight loss and much, much more.

This remarkable book tells you when, how and how much cayenne to take for specific ailments. It gives you detailed instructions for various remedies using cayenne by itself, or in mixtures combined with ordinary household items like: lemon, olive oil, garlic or aspirin. Here’s a small sample of the valuable health saving information you’ll learn:

  • ANGINA: This recipe for angina pain has worked wonders.
  • ARTHRITIS: an ingredient in cayenne can stop the destruction of cartilage and relieve pain and stiffness.
  • ASTHMA: Read USA Today reporter’s account of how a friend traveling in the jungle survived an asthma attack with a pinch of cayenne in this drink.
  • CLOGGED ARTERIES: See how one man was cured with a simple cayenne concoction.
  • BRUISES AND SPRAINS: Make this healing ointment right in your kitchen.
  • COLDS AND FLU: Stop a cold in its tracks with this doctor’s home remedy.
  • COUGH: This recipe from a leading hospital cures a cough fast.
  • DIABETES: Discover the recommended dose for lowering blood sugar naturally.
  • HIGH CHOLESTEROL: The cholesterol-lowering effect of cayenne has been reported in medical literature.
  • FATIGUE: Give tired blood a blast of energy.
  • HEADACHE: Not a powder or a pill but these creams can knock out a headache fast.
  • NEURALGIA: Try this safe and effective treatment proven in studies to relieve the pain.
  • OBESITY: Researchers in England discovered cayenne can burn calories virtually as fast as exercise.
  • PAIN: Learn how cayenne works on the body to stop pain.
  • PLEURISY: Make this rub and smooth it on to feel better fast.
  • SINUSITIS: This remedy begins with a can of soup and ends with quick relief.
  • SORE THROAT: This potent gargle washes it away.
  • TOOTHACHE: A 19th century remedy still works today.
  • ULCERS: Cayenne has been shown to actually protect against peptic ulcers when taken properly.

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