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Martha Washington Cookbook

“Amazing Details of Washington’s Dining Habits”

by Guy Coalter, Special Features Writer

Martha Washington Canton OH, Special - With hundreds of servants at her command… a person would think our first First Lady was a woman of leisure.

Not so…...

$19.95 plus $3.98 Shipping & Handling

Thomas Jefferson Cookbook

“Amazing Details of Jefferson’s Dining Habits”

by Guy Coalter, Special Features Writer

Thomas Jefferson Canton OH, (Special) Jefferson set sail for France in 1784 as Minister to the Court of Louis XVI.

The cuisine of France, which he was...

$19.95 plus $3.98 Shipping & Handling

American Cookery

“America’s First Cook Book”

By Guy Coalter, Feature Writer

As a newspaper writer, I often leave items of my work on the coffee table in my den. My friends and neighbors come and go… but seldom ever do they notice anything I’ve left out.

A cookbook I brought home to review, however,...

$12.95 plus $3.98 Shipping & Handling

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